Monday, 24 February 2014

Unblock IPAM access to a DC

To roll out the Windows Server 2012 IPAM feature should be "a walk in the park" and it normally is but a while ago I was really struggling helping a customer out with this. I had made the configuration using GPO's and verified my settings several times but I kept getting the error "Unblock IPAM Access":

The solution was actually ridiculously simple. Editing the problem server in the IPAM Server Inventory panel to untick DNS - OK - then reticked DNS fixed it.


  1. Over 4 years later than publishing it, the solution is still valid and useful... Thank you!

  2. hi people,
    i had the same error. i tried this solution but it didn't work.

  3. Make sure if you also have DHCP or NPS server ticked you untick them as well. Only leave DC ticked then click ok. Right click and edit the server once more and retick the boxes and the issue should be resolved.

  4. It's working.... I spent hours to get rid of that issue. Thanks... MS should fix it.